RSS Inc.’s clients have a lot to say about our staffing solutions

RSS Inc. provides a wealth of staffing solutions throughout the United States. Some of our happy clients speak below about what their experience with RSS has been like.

Client Testimonials

Rick Wright, Associated Wholesale Grocers Warehouse DirectorGREAT LAKES DISTRIBUTION CENTER

”In regards to our partnership with Regional Supplemental Services, LLC

Our warehouse operation has been partnered with RSS from January through July of 2022. During this time, as we experienced staffing issues, RSS provided additional labor support to help maintain our expected level of service. Their on-site manager was professional and responsive. All issues were addressed and resolved immediately. As our business needs fluctuated, they were able to maintain and increase their crew as needed. I have worked with multiple “road crew” teams over the years, and would say that the RSS team we were provided was the best. Both attendance and production were discussed daily with their team by the on-site manager, and they took that information out to the floor to perform. When the time came that we were fully staffed and no longer needed their support, the team was instantly in-demand by others who needed their assistance. I thanked their team as they left, as the help they provided continued our service to our customers and provided relief to our operations team.”

Anthony M SmithUNFI

“Thanks for everything! 2020 has been a year to remember! It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to engage in a working relationship with RSS.

UNFI was at the forefront of what was going to become not only a business hurdle but a national pandemic. I was faced with multiple union strikes and staffing shortages around the United States. Upon notification of my first strike (walk-out) RSS was able to provide within 48-72 hours all the support necessary to get the distribution center up and running and on-time to customers. The customers stated that the replacement workers were better than the regular workforce.

I can not tell you how much I appreciated the support you and your team was able to provide when we were faced with a national emergency.”

Anthony Simone, SR Director of OperationsBREAKTHRU BEVERAGE ILLINOIS

“During the month of June 2022, I used RSS as a supplemental service for drivers as we dealt with a strike in the Chicago Metro area. During the strike RSS provided between 30-62 drivers daily. All of the drivers acted professionally and were trained to handle our delivery policies and procedures.

They were all willing to jump in and help, no matter the ask or the time of day. The teams work ethic was exemplary and Jerry & Team continuously went above and beyond for Breakthru Beverage.

I would highly recommend using RSS for any future staffing needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (708) 298-3281 or [email protected].”

Lawrence H. Jordan Anheuser- Busch Inc

“Dear Jennings Brothers,

I am writing this letter to thank you and your management team for your assistance with our contingency planning and preparation for a labor dispute and possible work stoppage this past month. Your knowledge, experience, and partnership met our business needs and were extremely helpful in assisting us through this difficult period. Through the efforts of many people including the staff of RSS Inc, we were able to negotiate an agreement and avoid a labor strike in the eleventh hour.

Based on this most recent experience, as well as your prior service to our company, I would highly recommend RSS Inc services to anyone that finds themselves in a similar labor situation. I will be contacting you in the near future for initial discussions regarding two additional locations with upcoming labor negotiations.

John, once again, thanks for your partnership and professionalism.”

Charles R. Armstrong Anheuser-Busch Distributor

“Dear Jennings Brothers,

My name is Charles Armstrong and I just retired after 41 years from an Anheuser-Busch Distributor in Cranston Rhode Island. Since 1986 I have served as the Transportation Manager and Operations Manager.

I have used the services of RSSINC on numerous occasions in my career. They were used exclusively during a 51 days strike by the Teamsters union in 2002. They did an exceptional job of delivering our products under the pressure associated with operating during a Labor Dispute. Since 2002 The Company has had RSSINC on retainer a couple of times. Most recently the past contract which expired on June 30, 2017. Negotiations went down to the final hour before a deal was reached for a new 5 year contract.

I have the utmost respect for these gentlemen and would strongly recommend their organization for any Labor situation that may arise.”

Michael Critchlow, Senior Director North American Operations, Valvoline, Inc.

“Dear Richard,

This letter of recommendation comes to you with the hopes of assisting other companies who may be involved in a work stoppage. Please feel free to pass this along to other potential customers.

Our warehouse employees and drivers in St. Louis walked off the job after their contract expired and we were unable to come to an agreement with them on a new contract. For the first two weeks of the strike, we utilized salaried people to drive our trucks, but we knew that this wasn’t sustainable for a long period of time.

Subsequently, a call was placed to RSS Inc. and within 3 days you had drivers on-site ready to start delivering our products. Your drivers were professional and courteous people who helped make sure our customers were satisfied during the 6 additional weeks our employees were on strike.

I highly recommend RSS Inc. to any company in need of personnel and invite anyone interested in your services to contact us.”

Ted Abramo, Senior SupervisorShop Rite – Wakefern Food Corporation

“Dear Jennings Brothers,

I am writing this letter to let you know how extremely pleased we are at Wakefern Food Corporation with the services RSS has provided for us. From the moment that we first spoke, it was apparent that you were interested in our business and concerned about how best you could serve our needs.

We as a company were faced with the very difficult task of closing our facility in Wallkill, NY and opening our new facility in Breinigsville, PA. The movement of this product from one warehouse to our other warehouse was accomplished with little or no disruption to our customers.

RSS was able to supply us with a workforce of drivers that were both very productive and flexible. No matter what the request was, you and your staff reacted to our needs.

I would like to thank you and your staff for providing Wakefern Food Corporation and its members with the services needed to accomplish the very difficult task.”

Lou Ciaccio, Regional Director, Customer LogisticsKraft

“Dear Mr. Jennings,

I am writing this letter to you and your staff at Regional Supplemental Services to let you know the management team at Kraft Nabisco is very impressed by the quick response RSS gave to staffing our strike, under such adverse conditions. It had been this kind of service which has helped us through four negotiations and two work stoppages over the last four years.

Nabisco drivers went on strike at our distribution centers in Edison, New Jersey and Westbury, New York. Nabisco needed drivers who could step right in and assist making our retail deliveries. When I called your office, you and I discussed that this is not how you would normally operate but there was no question you and your staff would be able to supply thirty-five drivers in less than twenty-four hours.

Mr. Jennings, I believe the early contingency planning over the last six months made the latest work stoppage at our distribution centers in New Jersey and New York easy to operate as if Nabisco was not on strike at all. The flexibility of a six-day delivery schedule and many of your drivers doing double runs helped us to catch up quickly. The eighty-three people and support staff impressed us with a can-do attitude and flexibility to adjust to any situation that came up, problems were quickly resolved and we were able to move forward. On behalf of my management team I want to say thanks again for a job well done. We look forward to our continued business relationship.”

Tim Kennedy, Traffic ManagerDunkin’ Donuts

“Dear Mr. Jennings,

This letter of recommendation comes to you with the hopes of assisting other companies who may be involved in a work stoppage. Please feel free to use it during your course of business.

On May 31, at 7:15 PM our warehouse employees, drivers and driver helpers walked off the job in protest of several issues that they felt were not being resolved fast enough. What a surprise for us to find we had freight but no drivers to move it.

A call was placed to RSS and within hours freight was moving again. Your drivers are professional and courteous people who know the job and get it done.

Yes, the price to is high, but worth it. We continue to use your services and drivers and will continue to do so on a regular basis.

We highly recommend RSS to any company in need of personnel and invite anyone interested in your services to contact us.”

Toby Lowery, VP Operations Hartford Distributors Inc

“Dear Jennings Brothers,

Many thanks go to yourselves, the Jennings bro’s, and your crew for the effort made to keep HDI delivering product. Dealing with contract negotiations and a possible work stoppage creates the most stressful time on the business calendar. Your professional operational assistance enabled us to get through the difficult period that ensued.

The company must operate as efficiently as possible during a work stoppage. You, the Jennings Bro’s were chosen as our agent of business continuation. After many discussions promises were made. A detailed plan followed and all were in agreement. When the work stoppage happened, the promises were kept. The plan was executed smoothly and efficiently satisfying the company objectives.

HDI would like to recommend the Jennings Bro’s, John and Rich handle your issues in the event of a work stoppage for business continuation. Feel free to call and ask any questions.

With many thanks for a job well done.”

James L. Hunter III, PresidentSouthern Eagle

“Dear Jennings Brothers,

I apologize for not having corresponded with you sooner as I had promised. I want you to know your performance during the work stoppage here at Southern Eagle was outstanding. It was apparent that you had an excellent relationship with your personnel and if there was a problem, you took immediate action to resolve it. You can count on being called on again to assist us in the event we are in a similar situation.

The sight of fifty routes crossing the picket line that first day must have had some impact because the union ultimately accepted our final offer after some thirteen weeks of watching their people cross the line to return to work. Attitudes appear to be significantly improved, a number of trouble makers have gone elsewhere, and we are moving forward in a positive fashion…thanks to you.”

Jeffery E. Boyd, Human Resources ManagerSun Chemical Corporation

“Dear Mr. Jennings,

Thank you for your services rendered during a very critical period. As you are aware, Sun Chemical had a work stoppage at our Newark, New Jersey facility. RSS was able to supply us with quality manpower with effective and efficient productivity.

Please convey our appreciation to your employees for their efforts, contributions and services to the Newark facility.”

Kevin Durkin, Director of TransportationJewel-Osco

“Dear Mr. Jennings,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance these past few months. Your advice in developing and executing our strike contingency plan proved to be very helpful in our negotiating process.

I would recommend that companies that are engaged in negotiating labor contracts prepare a strike contingency plan, and I would further recommend the services of RSS Inc. which was extremely successful in guiding us through that process.

Again, on behalf of all the management at Jewel Food Stores, thank you for your professionalism, knowledge and guidance at our time of need.”

John H. Heyman II, PresidentBanko Distributing Co.

“Dear Jennings Brothers,

It was a pleasure working with you and your staff during our recent contract negotiations.

I was confident that your replacement drivers and warehouse staff were ready to go if needed. Fortunately for us, we were able to settle the contract without disruption of our work schedule.

We had no reservation about the ability of your staff to man our operation should that have come to pass. That confidence strengthened our ability to negotiate without the fear of a shutdown.

I would recommend you and your company to any colleague facing a similar labor situation.”

Matthew J Funchion, President/CEO Penn Distributors Inc

“Jennings Brothers,

This is long overdue, but I wanted to express my thanks to you and your team for all of your assistance during our recent labor contract negotiations. While we are all glad that we came to an agreement, your guidance in helping to plan for strike contingency was simply terrific.

You and your company always portrayed and delivered the utmost of professionalism, and the mere fact that our local Teamsters office was aware of your partnership with us elevated their sense of urgency to come to a contract resolution. For that, we are all very appreciative. And I know where I will go for planning and security assistance with future contracts… The Jennings Brothers.

You guys are the best, and I am fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with you and your team.

Stay well and I am sure that we’ll be working together again in the near future!”

Luke Jackson, Regional Vice President of Operations – NorthSYGMA (a subsidiary of Sysco Foods )

“I hope you are well. I wanted to reach out and thank you for the support provided during our labor dispute back in March. This was new territory for our management team in Detroit, and we had to count on support in many different areas. When it came to contingency drivers, your team stepped up in a very significant way during a very troubling time for our distribution center. Not only were you there for us, but you proved to be extremely fast and flexible with filling our needs in under 48 hour notice. Your onsite management of your driver contingency team was the exact partnership we needed to ensure we could focus our time on our Customers during this unfortunate event. While we hope to never go down this path again, if we do, your team will be the first we call.

Thank you, and please pass along this thanks to your entire family and team.”