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We have the experience and staff to help you through a labor strike.

​We provide services for manufacturing, CDL drivers, production, and warehousing workers, including strike replacement and strike security. During labor disputes, our team ensures a smooth transition with comprehensive nationwide support. We offer robust strike security to maintain safety and order, alongside managing all aspects of screening, background checks, salary, and benefits for strike replacement personnel.

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Choose RSS for strike replacement workers

Over 30 years of experience supplying drivers, production workers, and warehouse staff for labor disputes and strikes.

We Service Four Essential Workforce Categories

When you need strike replacement production workers, Choose RSS

Keep your factory running smoothly with a wide variety of our skilled temporary production employees, including:

Assembler, Coating Inspector, Fabricator, Floor Assembler, Instrument Fitter, Line Production, Line Worker, Machinist,  Control Manager, Production Operator, Production Planner and more!

When you need strike replacement truck drivers, Choose RSS

Keep your cargo moving with a wide variety of our skilled cdl drivers, including:

Class A Driver, Class B Driver, Dry Van Driver, Flatbed Driver, Freight Driver, Local, Regional, and OTR Driver, LTL Freight Driver, Refrigerated Freight Driver, Tanker Driver, and more!

When you need strike replacement warehouse workers, Choose RSS

Keep your warehouse running smoothly with a wide variety of our skilled temporary warehouse employees, including:

Assembly Technician, Manager, Driver, Forklift Operator, General Laborer, Inventory Control Manager, Loader, Logistics Manager, Machine Operator, Material, Handler, Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Packer, and more!

When you need strike replacement manufacturing workers, Choose RSS

Keep your factory running smoothly with a wide variety of our skilled temporary manufacturing employees, including:

Assembler, Engineering Manager, Equipment Technician, Inspector, Machine, Operator, Machinist, Millwright, Picker/Packer, Pipefitter, Production Manager, QA Manager, QA Specialist, QC Specialist, Safety Technician, Scrap Processor, Tool and Die Maker, Welder, and more!

The Nation’s Leading Strike Agency

RSS has a roster of hundreds of CDL drivers and warehouse workers that are battle-tested in the toughest strike situations. RSS will not put untested workers in tough situations and hope they get the job done; RSS will supply your company with workers who will thrive in the toughest conditions.

Plan Ahead for a Potential Strike

A strike can have devastating consequences for a business. Even a brief shutdown can lead to significant losses in revenue and market share. That’s why it’s crucial to have a plan in place to deal with the potential of a strike. Having a plan in place to quickly ramp up production with temporary replacement workers is essential for keeping your business running smoothly during a strike. That’s where we come in.

A Proactive Approach to Contingent Workforce Staffing

At RSS Inc., we understand that a labor disruption can have a major impact on your business. That’s why we offer a contingent workforce staffing process to help you minimize the possible repercussions. We will work with you to determine your specific needs and then provide the necessary staff to keep your business running smoothly during a labor disruption. With our experienced team and comprehensive approach, you can rest assured that we will be there to support you every step of the way.

RSS Inc. has a team of experts who are experienced in handling all aspects of labor disputes, from determining your business’s unique needs to locating and accommodating qualified strike workers. We also provide options for transportation across picket lines and follow the appropriate protocol for strike replacement worker disbandment after a new labor contract has been approved. With our vast experience and knowledge, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible solution for their specific situation. When you utilize our comprehensive contingent workforce staffing services, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible service available. If you’re facing a potential labor dispute, don’t delay—contact us today.

Client Testimonials

Senior Director of North American Operations, Fortune 500

“Our warehouse employees and drivers in St. Louis walked off the job after their contract expired and we were unable to come to an agreement with them on a new contract. For the first two weeks of the strike, we utilized salaried people to drive our trucks, but we knew that this wasn’t sustainable for a long period of time.

Subsequently, a call was placed to RSS Inc. and within 3 days you had drivers on-site ready to start delivering our products. Your drivers were professional and courteous people who helped make sure our customers were satisfied during the 6 additional weeks our employees were on strike.

I highly recommend RSS Inc. to any company in need of personnel”

Contingent Labor Manager, U.S. Top 5 supermarket company

“You are my number 1. Your team is doing well. Recognized by others. You have been doing a fantastic job so far. Really appreciate it”

Senior Supervisor, , Large Grocery Co-op

“I want to give praises to and your team for your timeliness and execution on the tasks presented.”

Director, One of the nation’s largest grocery companies

“I would recommend that companies that are engaged in negotiating labor contracts prepare a strike contingency plan, and I would further recommend the services of RSS, which was extremely successful in guiding us through that process.”

Manager, Fortune 500 food service

“A call was placed to RSS and within hours freight was moving again. Your drivers are professional and courteous people who know the job and get it done.”

Regional Director, Fortune 500 Food Service Distributor

“Our management team is very impressed with the quick response RSS gave to staffing our strike, under such adverse conditions. It had this kind of service which has helped us through 4 negotiations and 2 work stoppages over the last four years”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is strike staffing?

RSS can provide your business with the staffing it needs to stay open during a strike, minimizing the impact on your operations. With our large database of qualified workers, we can quickly find and deploy replacement employees who meet your specific requirements. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to keep your business running smoothly, even during challenging times.

If you are facing a potential strike, don’t wait until the last minute to find replacement workers. Contact RSS today and let us help you prepare for any eventuality. We can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business will be able to continue operating, even in the face of a labor dispute.

What are strike replacements?

Strike replacement workers are people who are employed to replace union workers on strike or locked out during a labor dispute. Replacement workers are usually temporary and are used to keep the business running until the dispute is resolved. Replacement workers are typically non-union employees. In some cases, replacement workers may even be brought in from other states.

The worst-case scenario for any business is facing a strike, leading to costly downtime and losses. Ramping up quickly with skilled temporary workers in the midst of labor disputes can help keep operations running smoothly while ensuring your customers’ needs are met and stakeholders remain satisfied.

Get workers on-site rapidly

RSS has a long history of providing rapid, reliable access to talent pools nationwide. For over three decades now, they have been delivering specialized strike staff personnel across various industries throughout the United States – allowing employers to remain productive in times of work stoppages.

RSS boast a highly efficient and trained on-site workforce that are seamlessly integrated into any organization within 24 to 48 hours. Our team is well versed in industry positions and especially adept at Strike Contingency Services, ensuring organizations remain operational during labor disputes.

Can companies permanently replace striking workers?

The right of an employer to permanently replace workers who engage in an economic strike is governed by federal law and the Supreme Court’s interpretation of that law. In general, an employer may lawfully seek to have permanent replacements fill the positions of workers who engage in an economic strike. However, there are some circumstances under which this right may be limited.

What is a strike contingency plan?

A strike contingency plan is a process for ensuring business continuity if your employees decide to strike. The first step is to identify which employees are essential to your business. This may include managers, sales staff, customer service representatives, and other key personnel. Once you have identified these employees, you will need to develop a plan to keep your business running in their absence. This may involve hiring temporary staff or outsourcing critical functions. The most important thing is to ensure that your customers continue to receive the level of service they expect, even in the event of a strike. We can help you devise a plan, so you can protect your business from the potentially devastating effects of a work stoppage.

What does RSS’s strike staffing solution include?

Our contingent workforce staffing services are designed to provide you with the help you need during a labor dispute. We can provide you with qualified strike replacement workers, as well as transportation and accommodations for them. We also have the experience and knowledge to help you disband your strike replacement workers after a new labor contract has been approved.

How can strike replacement workers help my business

By taking advantage of strike replacement workers, businesses can protect themselves from a financial disaster. Backlogs resulting from strikes are easily avoided when the right temporary employees with specialized qualifications step in to take on critical duties and ensure commitments made to customers and shareholders remain met.

How do you prepare a business continuity plan

Our team of experts evaluates every aspect and detail of your day-to-day operations to ensure a smooth transition during critical labor disputes. We create tailor-made staffing and security recommendations that guarantee stability for your business throughout the process, so you can focus on getting back to normal as soon as possible.

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