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Are you having trouble finding the right people to represent your company? You’ve come to the right place!Regional Supplemental Services is the nation’s leader in temporary staffing for CDL drivers. We use the safest and most dependable drivers in the country.

CDL-A drivers

Rss Staffing Inc., as a CDL staffing firm, provides qualified and professional CDL-A drivers for jobs, such as:

  • Delivery of food and beverages
  • Hazmat
  • Trailers with two or three axles
  • Passenger
  • Tankers
  • Distribution via direct store delivery (DSD)
  • And a whole lot more

Among truck driver staffing agencies, Rss Staffing Inc. is the undisputed leader. To find safe and professional CDL and non-CDL drivers, we work with private fleets, third-party logistics businesses, for-hire carriers, and LTL carriers around the country.

We create new solutions that allow clients to manage their workforces more flexibly and applicants to manage their careers more flexibly. Our expertise enables us to find, screen, and retain the talent required to propel our economy forward. All DOT rules, and particular state laws and regulations, are followed by Rss Inc., including hazmat, doubles/triples, and tankers.

Truck Driver Staffing Services

RSS Staffing Inc. is the leading CDL driver staffing and placement agency in all 50 states. Our professional staff’s expertise lies with recruiting qualified drivers for your commercial trucking needs from our extensive network or candidates that meet FMCSA standards which means you can rest assured knowing we will get what it takes to be safe on roads.

RSS Staffing’s mission is to provide quality trucking services for both experienced Class A drivers and those just starting out. We do this by pairing up our customers with what they need, when it matters most- in order reduce delivery delays as well maintain customer satisfaction levels which lead them returning time after time!

RSS Staffing will put your business in the fast track to success by providing you with a fleet of highly qualified drivers that are just waiting for an opportunity like this one. With our driver staffing services, we can help provide expertise on both recruiting and placing commercial truckers so there’s no need at all too worried about how transportation is going get done!

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Call Rss Staffing Inc. if you require CDL-A drivers. – Truck Driver Staffing


What does the FMCSA stand for?

The federal government has a new agency that is dedicated to the safety of all motor carriers. The FMCSA, which stands for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was established within Department Transportation on January 1st 2000 pursuant implementerSafety Improvement Act 1999 (49 USC 113).

What is the FMCSA responsible for?

The Federal Government’s Lead Agency for Regulating and Providing Safety Overview of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV), FMCSA is committed to reducing crashes involving large trucks/buses. Their mission statement strives towards this goal by regulating these vehicles in an effortful manner while also providing safety oversight so there will not be any further accidents due from their improper use.

Are truck drivers still in demand?

With an increase in demand for trucking services, it is predicted that there will be a shortage of 60 000 drivers by the year 2022.
This news should not come as surprise since we have been experiencing record-high unemployment numbers and car companies offering more incentives to attract new employees than ever before!

What CDL makes the most money?

Graduating with your Class A CDL will get you into over-the road (OTR) trucking. That means longer distances, more miles driven usually across the US and higher wages of any class driver!

The best paying trucking jobs in America are found within the Magnolia State. On average, it’s reported that Mississippi offers $68 thousand per year and there is a lot of opportunity for heavy haulers with experience who want to take their careers further into this field

Call Rss Staffing Inc. if you require CDL-A drivers. – Truck Driver Staffing