Regional Supplemental ServicesOn-Demand Reliable Workforce

CDL & Non-CDL Drivers

Qualified, reliable, and professional CDL & non-CDL drivers across the U.S.

Production Worker Staffing

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Extensive workforce in the transportation, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and industrial sectors, from small to Fortune 500 companies.

Warehouse Worker Staffing

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Keep your warehouse running with a wide variety of skilled, dependable warehouse workers.

Strike Replacement

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Battle-tested drivers and workers for the toughest labor situations.

You Benefit From
Our Reputation

You no longer have to worry about the significant resources that go into hiring, training, and maintaining benefits because RSS puts their 30-year sterling reputation to work for you.

Reliable Workers

We have ready to deploy proven workers that have been in our network for years, so you can be confident that you’re getting the most qualified and experienced workers available.

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Business Continuity

Receive qualified workers on demand so you can rest assured that your business will remain up and running even when faced with unexpected staffing challenges.

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Tailored Solutions

Whether you need to fill a short-term vacancy or you’re looking for a more flexible workforce, we can help you find the right solution to support your business.

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Benefits Cost Savings

Avoid the cost of benefits such as health insurance, sick pay, vacation pay, worker's comp, and retirement plans. We handle that plus administrative tasks, including payroll and taxes.

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Minimized Overhead

Save on labor and training costs. Reduce your number of full-time employees. With our extensive workforce, you can scale up or down as needed.

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Streamline Onboarding

Properly trained and ready to go, with 30 years’ experience, we know how to streamline the onboarding process to ensure that workers are suitably placed and ready to work.

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A Personal Approach to Personnel

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    We are a family-run company with extensive experience in labor shortage projects.

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    We have nurtured a vast database of battle-tested workers ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice.

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    Our personnel is carefully screened and prepared to perform immediately and professionally.

We Service Four Essential Workforce Categories

Find Production Workers

With a workforce of RSS employees at your disposal, you can better manage and monitor your production line. Whether you need assembly line workers, packers, or forklift operators, RSS provides full staffing on a daily basis. We also offer on-site management and support.

Find Drivers

When you need drivers, we’re the team to call. Our professional and courteous staff will safeguard your valuable cargo with every move they make! We follow all DOT rules, particular state laws and regulations, and use the safest and most dependable drivers in the country.

Find Warehouse Workers

Whether you need help with loading and unloading, stocking shelves, or organizing inventory, our staff will be able to handle it. In addition, we offer competitive rates and flexible scheduling, so you can find the perfect solution for your business.

Find Strike Replacement Workers

Our team of experienced workers is available to step in at a moment’s notice, and we’ll do everything we can to minimize the disruption to your operations. Whether it’s a one-day stoppage or a prolonged conflict, we’re here to help you get through it.

The RSS Inc. Advantage

RSS is fully licensed and insured nationwide. We supply on-site corporate officers to assist you. For all staff we place, we’ll handle:

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  • checkmark iconDrivers Work History
  • checkmark iconMedical Paperwork
  • checkmark iconDMV Reports
  • checkmark iconEmployment
  • checkmark iconWorkman's Comp
  • checkmark iconDisability
  • checkmark iconSocial Security
  • checkmark iconSick Days
  • checkmark iconVacation Coverage

Client Testimonials

Contingent Labor Manager, Top 5 national supermarket chain

“It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to engage in a working relationship with RSS. I was faced with multiple union strikes and staffing shortages around the United States. Upon notification of my first strike (walk-out) RSS was able to provide within 48-72 hours all the support necessary to get the distribution center up and running and on-time to customers. The customers stated that the replacement workers were better than the regular workforce. I can not tell you how much I appreciated the support you and your team was able to provide when we were faced with a national emergency. Thanks for everything.”

Contingent Labor Manager, U.S. Top 5 supermarket company

“You are my number 1. Your team is doing well. Recognized by others. You have been doing a fantastic job so far. Really appreciate it”

Division President, U.S. 7th largest foodservice distributor

“I want to give praises to and your team for your timeliness and execution on the tasks presented.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RSS nation-wide or regional?

Nation-wide. From Fortune 500 to small independent distributors, we’ve helped companies in all 50 states. With our national reach and local expertise, we can help you find the perfect fit for your business.

Does RSS provide permanent staffing solutions?
We provide temporary workers from short-term to long-term employment. We do not place permanent workers.
How long has RSS been in business?

RSS is a family-run company with over 30 years of experience in temporary staffing.

What industries does RSS provide workers for?

RSS has an extensive workforce in the transportation, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and industrial sectors, servicing companies from small to Fortune 500 companies.

Who handles the salary and benefits if we contract RSS for your staffing services?

We do. RSS is responsible for handling: background checks, driver’s work history, medical paperwork, DMV reports, employment, Workman’s Comp, Disability, Social Security, sick days, and vacation days. We also supply on-site corporate officers to assist you.

Is RSS licensed and insured?
RSS is fully licensed and insured nationwide.
How long does it take to get employees in place?

RSS has a large database of battle-tested workers that are ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of employees I can contract for?

There is no minimum or maximum. Whether you’re looking to fill a single position or coordinate the efforts of thousands of workers across the country, we have the resources and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our experienced staff will work with you to assess your specific needs and develop a customized plan that meets your unique requirements.

Why should I choose RSS for staffing temporary employees?

One of the advantages of working with us is that we have a low turnover. It allows our workers to become familiar with the company’s policies and procedures and maximize their performance. In addition, our workers are skilled, reliable, and experienced, so they are able to handle any situation that arises.

Who trains the employees?

We’ll work with you to identify the skills and experience you’re looking for, and then we’ll find the right candidates to meet your needs that are ready and willing to learn, so you can train them based on your policies and procedures. With our help, you can find the perfect temporary team to support your business when you need help.

What makes RSS different from others offering staffing solutions?
What sets RSS apart from our competition is our personal commitment to each customer. Ownership will always be on-site to personally oversee all aspects of the project and to personally be available to the client to answer any questions or to handle any situation that may arise.
How much experience does RSS have placing temporary workers?

RSS has extensive experience in the temporary labor staffing industry, allowing us to grow a large pool of KNOWN assets that we KNOW will be able to get the job done. We can supply the customer with the same employees every day, which will allow them to become familiar with the routes, products, and protocols that will help increase productivity. It has not been unusual for companies to move more products with RSS than with their own workforces.