Temporary Manufacturing Staff

You need a dependable, fully-staffed workforce in this competitive marketplace to keep your manufacturing facility operating at peak performance

RSS, Inc. specializes in providing manufacturing workers.

Temporary Manufacturing Staffing

You need a dependable, fully staffed workforce in this competitive marketplace to keep your manufacturing facility operating at peak performance. But there are times when you may find yourself short-staffed. Perhaps because you are launching a new product, have unexpected employee vacancies, or can’t find enough skilled workers. Whatever your reason, if you are looking for temporary workers for your manufacturing company, contact Regional Supplemental Services (RSS) to get your factory back on track quickly.

RSS, Inc. specializes in providing manufacturing workers. We understand the unique skills and experience that manufacturing workers need and can provide reliable workers who are a good fit for your company.

There are Many Benefits to Using a Temporary Manufacturing Staffing Agency

When working with a staffing agency, be as specific as possible about what the job entails, how many workers are needed, and the length of time you will need the workers to accomplish the job.

It is beneficial to have a staffing strategy in place. This will ensure that you have the right people to support your production goals. There are a few things to consider when developing a staffing strategy for your manufacturing business:

  1. Define your production goals. What do you hope to achieve? Once you have defined your goals, you can identify the staff needed to support these goals.
  2. Develop a job description for each position. This will help you identify the skills and experience needed for each role and help the staffing agency choose the best candidates.

Using a manufacturing staffing agency like RSS to provide workers for your company has several advantages:

You’ll get access to a larger pool of candidates: Manufacturing staffing agencies have access to a larger pool than you likely do. This means you’ll get the workers you need to accomplish the job.

You can find candidates with the specific skills and experience you need: Manufacturing workers need specific skills and experience. Staffing agencies can provide workers with the exact skills and experience you need.

You can scale your workforce up or down as needed: Manufacturing companies often need to scale their workforce up or down depending on demand. Staffing agencies can help you do this quickly and easily.

You’ll save time and money: Staffing agencies handle all the work of recruiting and vetting workers, from conducting interviews to performing background checks to managing timesheets, benefits, and payroll. This can save you a lot of time and money.

You can get started quickly: Staffing agencies can help you find workers quickly, so you don’t lose production time.

You can focus on your business: When you use a staffing agency, you can focus on running your business while the staffing agency takes care of providing the right workers for the job. This can save you a lot of time and energy.

You can reduce your risk: When you use a staffing agency, you can reduce your risk of hiring employees who are not a good fit for your company. Staffing agencies are responsible for the manufacturing staff they provide.


Proven track record

Proven track record of success in placing hard-to-find candidates in a wide variety of industries

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Strategies for long-term employment

Strategies for long-term employment so you can keep your staff on board for as long as you need them

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Immediate assistance

Immediate assistance in the event of an emergency so you can rest assured that your business will remain productive

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Cost-cutting strategies

Cost-cutting strategies that can help you save money on your staffing expenses

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Seasonal job protection

Seasonal job protection so you don’t have to worry about your employees being laid off at the end of the season

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A family-owned business committed to providing you with exceptional service

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An Unparalleled Record of Performance

Staffing agencies can help place temporary workers daily but also provide manufacturers with temporary workers to help with seasonal spikes in production or unexpected increases in demand.

Manufacturing  Positions

Keep your factory running smoothly with a wide variety of our skilled temporary production employees, including:



Material Handler

Forklift Operator

Truck Loader/Unloader

Inventory & Inventory Specialist

Quality Control


Client Testimonials

Anthony M Smith, UNFI

“Thanks for everything! 2019 has been a year to remember! It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to engage in a working relationship with RSS.

UNFI was at the forefront of what was going to become not only a business hurdle but a national pandemic. I was faced with multiple union strikes and staffing shortages around the United States. Upon notification of my first strike (walk-out) RSS was able to provide within 48-72 hours all the support necessary to get the distribution center up and running and on-time to customers. The customers stated that the replacement workers were better than the regular workforce.

I can not tell you how much I appreciated the support you and your team was able to provide when we were faced with a national emergency.”

Regional Vice PresidentU.S. largest food distributor

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for the support provided. This was new territory for our management team. When it came to contingency drivers, your team stepped up in a very significant way during a very troubling time for our distribution center. Not only were you there for us, but you proved to be extremely fast and flexible with filling our needs in under 48 hours notice. Your onsite management of your driver contingency team was the exact partnership we needed to ensure we could focus our time on our customers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a manufacturing recruiter?

Manufacturing recruiters are essential in ensuring that manufacturers have the talent they need to succeed. A manufacturing recruiter specializes in finding and placing workers within the manufacturing industry. They work with companies of all sizes and in all sectors.

What does a manufacturing recruiter do?

Manufacturing recruiters are responsible for finding and hiring qualified candidates to fill manufacturing positions. They use various methods to find the best candidates, including job postings, candidate databases, and networking. Once they have found a pool of potential candidates, they conduct interviews, references, and background checks to determine which candidates are the best fit for the position. Manufacturing recruiters have a strong understanding of the manufacturing process and can identify the skills and experience necessary for a manufacturing role’s success

How do you know if a staffing agency is legit?

Staffing agencies can be a great way to find temporary employees, but it is important to ensure that the agency you are dealing with is legitimate. The best way to do this is to research the agency thoroughly. Start by asking for references or reviewing testimonials from past or current customers on the agency’s website. If the agency has a good reputation, you should be able to find positive reviews from reputable sources. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the agency. Finally, check to see if the agency is appropriately licensed and insured. By taking these steps, you can ensure that you are dealing with a reputable staffing agency.

What are the most important skills and abilities a production worker should have?

Production workers need to have several key skills and abilities to succeed. A production worker needs to have a basic understanding of mechanical principles when it comes to maintaining production machinery. This means identifying different parts of the machinery and how they work together. Additionally, it means being able to troubleshoot problems that may arise. And, a production worker needs to be able to read and comprehend written instructions to follow production standards and quality control procedures.

In order to work in a production environment, workers need to have strong teamwork skills. This means being able to communicate effectively with other members of the team, as well as working together to achieve common goals. Additionally, workers need to be able to work independently when necessary. Taking direction and working well under pressure are also essential skills for production workers.

Physical strength and stamina are also important for production workers. In many cases, workers will be required to lift heavy objects or stand for long periods. Additionally, they may be required to perform repetitive tasks. As a result, workers must be physically able to handle these demands.

Production workers must also be able to instructions and safety procedures. Sometimes, they may be working with dangerous materials or operating machinery. As a result, they must be able to understand and follow safety protocols.

Finally, production workers need to be detail-oriented. They will often be responsible for inspecting products or assembling components. As a result, they must be able to pay attention to detail and catch errors.

With these skills and abilities, production workers can successfully have rewarding careers in production.

Staffing Manufacturing – Solutions That Evolve with the Changing Manufacturing Sector 

In recent years, manufacturing has undergone a dramatic transformation. Thanks to advances in information technology and changes in the supply chain and global marketplace, manufacturers can now produce goods more efficiently than ever before. As a result of these changes, manufacturing is now more efficient and productive than ever before. These trends will likely continue in the future as manufacturers adopt new technologies and processes that increase efficiency and productivity.

A recent report by The National Association of Manufacturers states that a skills gap has caused approximately 500,000 manufacturing jobs to remain open. Manufacturing companies have been struggling to recruit workers who have the most in-demand skills. RSS has provided temporary workers for more than 30 years, helping our clients navigate the challenges manufacturers face finding skilled, dependable employees. We are proud to support the American manufacturing sector and its workforce. We partner with businesses small to Fortune 500 in chemicals, automobiles, and parts, food and beverage, oil and gas, household goods, plastic and rubber products, and more. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service, the most reliable, skilled workers, and support to our manufacturing customers.

RSS is Dedicated to Providing Reliable, Qualified Workers

At RSS, we believe a good employee in the manufacturing setting can work efficiently and effectively to create a high-quality product. This employee understands the importance of following instructions and protocols to maintain safety standards and avoid errors. They can work quickly and accurately while paying attention to detail. Additionally, a good employee in manufacturing possesses strong problem-solving skills to troubleshoot issues that may arise during the production process. They work well as part of a team and can communicate effectively with other team members to maintain a smooth workflow. Finally, a good employee in manufacturing is always willing to learn new things and adapt to changes to stay current with best practices.

Contact RSS for Your Manufacturing Staffing Needs

If you’re a manufacturing company that needs staffing assistance from a manufacturing staffing agency, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs