How a Manufacturing Temp Agency Can Help Your Business

A manufacturing temp agency can offer great assistance when your manufacturing business needs temporary employees. These agencies specialize in identifying and placing employees in manufacturing roles, ranging from unskilled to skilled workers. This article delves into the advantages of collaborating with a manufacturing staffing agency, along with three instances illustrating a successful partnership.

Scenario 1:  A manufacturer has received a large order from a client and needs to increase production to meet the demand. However, the manufacturer’s current workforce is already stretched thin and cannot handle the additional workload. The manufacturer may not want to hire permanent employees as the increased demand is temporary and may not be sustained after the order is fulfilled.

In this scenario, the manufacturer turned to a manufacturing temp agency to hire additional production workers, assembly line workers, and quality control inspectors. The agency had a pool of pre-screened and trained workers who were available on short notice to fill the manufacturer’s production needs. The manufacturer contracted with the agency to hire temporary workers for the duration of the order and release them once the order is fulfilled.

This allowed the manufacturer to meet the increased production demands without overburdening their current workforce or committing to permanent employees. The temp agency handled the hiring, onboarding, and payroll of the temporary workers, saving the manufacturer time and resources. Additionally, the manufacturer could adjust the number of temporary workers as needed, depending on the demand.

Scenario 2: A small manufacturing business that produces custom metal parts has a tight-knit team of skilled employees who are overworked and struggling to keep up with demand. Morale was low and slowing down production.

In this scenario, the company needed to hire additional staff but did not have the budget for more full-time employees. They decided to turn to a manufacturing temp agency for help.

The agency quickly provided the company with a list of qualified candidates with manufacturing industry experience, metal fabricating, and welding skills. They handled all the screening and background checks and ensured the welders had their certification, so the candidates were pre-vetted and ready to work.

Within a short time, the staffing agency brought in several temporary employees who picked up the slack to help meet the custom metal part manufacturer’s production goals. This also alleviated the pressure felt by their existing employees and increased morale.

Scenario 3: A manufacturing company received a series of large orders for their warehouse and needed additional forklift operators and warehouse pickers to meet the demand. They hired a temp agency to help them find qualified candidates quickly. The temp agency had a pool of potential candidates who had already been screened and had the necessary qualifications and certifications to operate forklifts and pickers safely.

The manufacturing company provided the temp agency with the specific requirements for the positions, such as the number of operators needed, the duration of the temporary assignment, and the desired shift schedules. The temp agency then reviewed its pool of candidates and selected those who best matched the requirements.

The temp agency conducted background checks and drug tests on the selected candidates to ensure they met the manufacturing company’s safety and employment standards. Once the candidates passed the screenings, they were hired as temporary employees and assigned to the manufacturing company.

The manufacturing company provided the temporary employees with the necessary training and equipment to operate the forklifts and pickers safely and efficiently in their warehouse. The temporary employees worked alongside the company’s regular employees to meet the increased production demands.

The temporary agency managed the payroll and benefits for the temporary employees while they worked at the manufacturing company. At the end of the temporary assignment, the temporary employees returned to the agency’s pool of available candidates for future job opportunities.

Temping to Success

Working with a manufacturing temp agency can effectively find the right employees for your business. When you hire a reputable, experienced agency, you can be confident that you are getting qualified workers to help you succeed.