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When labor disputes escalate to strikes and picket lines, your business faces potential disruptions, safety concerns, and operational challenges. RSS offers specialized labor strike security services  to help your company navigate these turbulent times effectively and safely.

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RSS labor strike security personnel are expertly trained to navigate the complexities of labor disputes, including strikes and plant closures. Our team is proficient in legal aspects and adept at responding to any scenario with precision. Trusted for their utmost professionalism, RSS strike security officers ensure all interactions are managed with a respectful demeanor toward all parties involved.

Ensuring Safety and Order at Picket Lines

At RSS, we understand the critical need to maintain safety and order during labor strikes, particularly at picket lines. Our picket line security services are tailored to address the unique challenges these situations present, ensuring smooth continuation of operations and preventing escalations. RSS security personnel are thoroughly trained in managing sensitive interactions and facilitating secure passage for employees through picket lines.

We are dedicated to a non-confrontational approach, prioritizing respect for all individuals involved, which helps preserve the integrity of your operations. With RSS, you can be confident that your assets, staff, and premises are well-protected, contributing to a swifter resolution and nurturing positive relations among stakeholders.

RSS Provides Expert Strike Security Staffing to Safeguard Assets and Ensure Business Continuity During Labor Disputes

Understanding Strike Security: Ensuring Safety and Compliance
Strike security services are essential for safeguarding your facilities and protecting your workforce before and during labor disputes. Our Strike Security Officers are specially trained to operate in environments affected by labor disputes. They are well-versed in identifying potential risks and threats. They are skilled in evidence collection in adherence to the National Labor Relations Act, safeguarding your company against unfounded claims and documenting any incidents that may arise.

Strike Security Assessment

During a labor dispute, your organization might face increased threats that could jeopardize your operations and employees. Our comprehensive security assessment includes the following:

  • Evaluating access points for entering and exiting your facility.
  • Identifying potential vulnerabilities within your premises and the immediate vicinity.
  • Crafting a strategic plan ensures that only authorized personnel and clients gain entry.
  • Educating your non-union staff on protocols for interacting with striking union members and navigating picket lines safely.
  • Coordinating with your management team and relevant local and state emergency services to establish adequate security measures in anticipation of a strike.
  • Outlining methods for meticulously documenting inappropriate behavior or breaches during a labor dispute.
Plan Ahead for a Potential Strike
A strike can have devastating consequences for a business. Even a brief shutdown can lead to significant losses in revenue and market share. That’s why it’s crucial to have a comprehensive plan in place to deal with the potential of a strike, including both staffing and security measures. Quickly ramping up production with temporary replacement workers is essential for keeping your business running smoothly, but ensuring their safety and maintaining order at your facilities are equally important. That’s where we come in.
A Proactive Approach to Contingent Workforce Staffing and Strike Security

At RSS, we understand the significant impact a labor disruption can have on your business. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions, including a contingent workforce staffing process and strike security services to help minimize potential repercussions. We collaborate closely with you to identify your specific needs, ensuring your business operates smoothly during labor disputes. With our experienced team and holistic approach, you can rest assured that we will support you at every step.

RSS has a team of experts skilled in managing all aspects of labor disputes, from assessing the unique requirements of your business to sourcing and accommodating qualified strike workers. We also provide secure transportation across picket lines and strictly adhere to strike replacement worker disbandment protocols once a new labor agreement is ratified. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we offer tailored solutions that best fit the needs of our clients. When you choose our comprehensive contingent workforce staffing and security services, you can be confident that you will receive the highest quality support. If you’re anticipating a labor dispute, don’t hesitate—contact us today.

Client Testimonials

Senior Director of North American Operations, Fortune 500

“Our warehouse employees and drivers in St. Louis walked off the job after their contract expired and we were unable to come to an agreement with them on a new contract. For the first two weeks of the strike, we utilized salaried people to drive our trucks, but we knew that this wasn’t sustainable for a long period of time.

Subsequently, a call was placed to RSS Inc. and within 3 days you had drivers on-site ready to start delivering our products. Your drivers were professional and courteous people who helped make sure our customers were satisfied during the 6 additional weeks our employees were on strike.

I highly recommend RSS Inc. to any company in need of personnel”

Contingent Labor Manager, U.S. Top 5 supermarket company

“You are my number 1. Your team is doing well. Recognized by others. You have been doing a fantastic job so far. Really appreciate it”

Senior Supervisor, , Large Grocery Co-op

“I want to give praises to and your team for your timeliness and execution on the tasks presented.”

Director, One of the nation’s largest grocery companies

“I would recommend that companies that are engaged in negotiating labor contracts prepare a strike contingency plan, and I would further recommend the services of RSS, which was extremely successful in guiding us through that process.”

Manager, Fortune 500 food service

“A call was placed to RSS and within hours freight was moving again. Your drivers are professional and courteous people who know the job and get it done.”

Regional Director, Fortune 500 Food Service Distributor

“Our management team is very impressed with the quick response RSS gave to staffing our strike, under such adverse conditions. It had this kind of service which has helped us through 4 negotiations and 2 work stoppages over the last four years”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is strike security?
Strike security refers to the specialized services and measures implemented to protect a company’s assets, personnel, and operations during a labor strike. This type of security is critical because strikes can sometimes lead to heightened emotions, disputes, and potentially disruptive or harmful activities at or near the workplace. Here’s an overview of what strike security typically involves:

  • Personnel Protection: Ensuring the safety of non-striking workers who need to cross picket lines, management, and replacement workers. This can include escort services or providing secure transportation to and from the workplace.
  • Asset Protection: Safeguarding the physical assets of a company, such as buildings, equipment, and stock. This can involve increased surveillance, patrolling of the premises, and implementing access controls to prevent sabotage or theft.
  • Picket Line Management: Managing interactions at picket lines to keep them peaceful and ensuring that any protest remains lawful. This includes monitoring behavior, de-escalating potential conflicts, and ensuring that both strikers’ and workers’ rights are respected.
  • Crisis Management and Contingency Planning: Developing and implementing strategies to deal with unexpected situations during a strike, such as increased hostility, illegal activities, or other crises that could impact business continuity.
  • Communication Facilitation: Assisting in maintaining open lines of communication between the company management, the striking workers, and possibly law enforcement agencies to help resolve the strike amicably.
What is strike staffing?
RSS can provide your business with the staffing it needs to stay open during a strike, minimizing the impact on your operations. With our large database of qualified workers, we can quickly find and deploy replacement employees who meet your specific requirements. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to keep your business running smoothly, even during challenging times.

If you are facing a potential strike, don’t wait until the last minute to find replacement workers. Contact RSS today and let us help you prepare for any eventuality. We can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business will be able to continue operating, even in the face of a labor dispute.

Why is strike security important?
Strike security is important because labor strikes can lead to increased tension and conflicts that might escalate into violence, vandalism, or other disruptive activities. Effective strike security helps maintain safety, order, and lawful conduct during strikes, ensuring that business operations can continue and helping to facilitate a resolution.
What does a strike security officer do?
Strike security officers are responsible for ensuring the safety of employees, protecting the company’s assets, and maintaining peace at picket lines. They may escort employees through picket lines, monitor for any illegal activities, and work to de-escalate potential conflicts between striking workers and the company.
What should be considered when hiring a strike security agency?
When hiring a strike security agency, it’s important to consider the firm’s experience with labor disputes, the training of their personnel, their understanding of local laws and regulations, and their approach to conflict resolution and crisis management. It’s also vital to ensure that they respect the rights of all parties involved.

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