How to find CDL Drivers

How to find CDL Drivers in your area

As the trucking industry faces an ongoing driver shortage, employers need to find creative solutions to efficiently fill open positions. It is no longer enough just to post job listings–you must search for and secure talented CDL drivers that meet your company’s criteria. There are a variety of tactics you can implement in order to attract qualified applicants; with these strategies, even small companies have access publicize their openings widely, reaching diverse candidates who may not otherwise know about them. Taking advantage of this opportunity requires foresight and effort on the part of management – but doing so will ultimately lead businesses towards success by providing skilled employees needed keep operations running smoothly.

How to hire a CDL driver

With just a few simple steps, you can quickly build an effective trucking team of skilled and experienced CDL drivers. This guide outlines the best practices for hiring top-tier candidates – whether you’re working with independent owner-operators or larger trucking companies.

CDL drivers are seeking features that can make their work easier, such as better security on the roads and more efficient delivery services. They also look for equipment standards in order to ensure top-notch safety while out driving. Ultimately, CDL drivers desire technology solutions which streamline daily operations and boost job satisfaction – ultimately making them even safer & successful road warriors!

Below are the top items CDL drivers look for when looking for a company to hire them

  1. A decent pay
  2. Scheduled runs/itinerary
  3. Routes close to home
  4. Great company support
  5. Top communication
  6. Opportunity to grow with the company
  7. Sick, holiday and personal days
  8. Health Insurance
  9. Consistent work/hours

If you’re looking to hire skilled commercial drivers, it’s essential to understand the needs and motivations of your target demographic. Consider if they are seeking local routes for shorter trips or long-haul paths that span hundreds of miles a week. Experienced CDL holders may prioritize regular home time while younger candidates could appreciate overtime opportunities; similarly, family considerations might lead some applicants towards more consistent freight jobs. Keeping these details in mind will ultimately help ensure successful recruitment efforts – aligning compatible driver profiles with suitable positions benefits everyone involved!


How do I find qualified truck drivers?

With an unprecedented driver shortage looming on the horizon, America’s trucking industry is facing a daunting challenge. According to estimates from the American Transportation Research Institute, nearly 100,000 additional truck drivers will be required by 2025 in order to meet present demand–a number that could only rise if measures are not taken soon. Retention of current workers and innovative recruitment strategies must come together as part of a successful solution for tackling this critical issue head-on.

The transportation and logistics industries have faced unique demands during the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating a reliable bridge between those seeking experienced professionals and possible candidates. Utilizing staffing agencies to ensure these connections are established is key – they handle background checks, licensing regulations, salary negotiation practices & more so that companies find personnel with customized skill sets suited for their needs.

Where are truck drivers paid the most?

According to a study by Seek Business Capital, the ten best states for truck driver salaries (which take the state’s cost of living into account) are in order: Nevada, Mississippi, Kentucky, Utah, South Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Indiana, Idaho, and Montana.

Are truck drivers still in demand?

The truck driving profession is projected to experience steady growth in the coming decade, reflecting a 6% increase according to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates. This rise mirrors that of other occupations while providing individuals with an exciting career option and lucrative opportunity.

7 Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver (CDL Driver)

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