Regional Supplemental Services (RSS): At the Helm of Tailored Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is instrumental in helping businesses across industry verticals optimize their workforces according to project demands and efficiently complete tasks to improve their bottom lines.

Regional Supplemental Services (RSS) has mastered the art of staffing battle-tested, temporary workers for the toughest of tasks and labor situations.

Fully licensed and insured nationwide, RSS is a family-run company for over 30 years, earning a stellar reputation in providing on-demand workers. It caters to small to Fortune 500 companies across the U.S. by providing reliable and efficient CDL and non-CDL drivers and workers, including forklift operators, order selectors, loaders, and unloaders, assembly line associates, CNC operators, welders, electricians, and mechanical maintenance personnel for manufacturing, logistics, warehouse, and industrial sectors.

Whether clients are looking to fill ten or thousands of positions, the team is adept at staffing high-performing professionals for both short- and longterm employment, at a moment’s notice. They also address situations like union strikes and handle the consequences of labor disputes for clients, providing strike replacement workers when permanent employees walk out.

Whether its solving labor crunch challenges due to seasonal demand or evolving business needs, RSS is always at the forefront, supporting clients by understanding their challenges and taking them on. The ability to remain unfazed during the COVID-19 pandemic and bring in personnel prepared to perform immediately and professionally, when hardly anybody wanted to or could work, serves as a testament to RSS’ proficiency.

We are fast and nimble, providing clients with a set of efficient workers as seamlessly as possible

says Jerry Polkhovskiy, SVP of operations at RSS.

Realizing that time is of the essence, the team acts quickly after a client reaches out and significantly reduces the lead time of the staffing process. RSS is highly selective and sources talented candidates from all over the country. It conducts background checks, examines candidates’ work history, and carries out a meticulous interview process. It delves into their expertise and shortlists candidates that are the right fit for the specified position.

Once candidates are hired and onboarded, RSS delegates corporate officers to carry out on-site supervision to assist clients per their needs. Having RSS means that clients no longer have to deal with the hassles of managing worker complaints, employee benefits, vacation time, sick leaves, union costs and lawsuits, and payroll related to RSS’ workforce, equipping clients with significant cost savings and allowing them to focus on business-critical operations.

In one instance, the team supported a Chicago-based client during a labor dispute with its CDL drivers. RSS quickly provided a team of qualified drivers so that the client was able to keep up with business demands while negotiating a new contract.

In another case, a client faced multiple labor shortages and had exhausted its local labor pool. RSS brought in skilled staff that exceeded the caliber of the client’s existing workforce and successfully caught up their production timeline.

We are committed to each of our clients and maintain direct communication with them to ensure everything is copacetic. We are just a phone call away and are open to service 24/7/365

says Polkhovskiy.

With customer-centricity at the core, RSS thrives on word-of-mouth business. Its excellent track record of staffing workers who become familiar with clients’ policies and procedures and maximize their performance enables it to remain a partner-of-choice in the industry.