Essential questions to ask as conversation starters with temp staff agencies

Temp staffing agencies are recruiting firms that you recruit to get temporary staff recruited. Sounds difficult? Their work is exactly the opposite. These are those helpful firms that you rest when you need to hustle the most. Since seeing your employees and workers go on leaves or leave your company permanently is a difficult thing to discern visually, these agencies jump for
your support in exactly those times to fill gaps that cannot be left empty for crucial project completions.

However, hiring employees when some other company is recruiting for you can be a bit risky to get into because there’s so much trust that you have to place in another agency to get you the right kind of workers for your organization.

For this, it’s essential that you study the agency you are hiring well in order to be sure that whatever they get for your needs will be the right fit for your organization’s current work requirement.

Read the below mentioned questions to know how to get in touch with these agencies. These will not just help you read and understand them well but will also allow you to start conversations with them in a healthy manner:

1- What is your frequent and primary source to hire employees?
2- What does your hiring process look like?
3- How much time does the hiring process take?
4- What is your understanding of our work type, organization and industry?
5- Throw light on your candidate screening process.
6- Why should we hire you in lieu of other companies?
7- How successful have you been in your previous projects?
8- What are some of the top companies you are currently working with?
9- Do you have clarity about your figures?
10- When can you expect to hear from you again?

Once you have answers to these questions clearly given to you, you will be in a much clear and fair position to get in touch with the company. Since it’s crucial to understand their procedures and them before you join hands, do not move past asking them to have things going in your own favor.